Below are some links to websites of organizations and ministries dedicated to helping those with SSA.
Whether you consider yourself gay, homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual, or straight you can find answers and help from these organizations.  Take advantage of their resources.  We encourage you to open your mind and your heart to the truth about sexual orientation and its complex roots.  One can change. Some change  orientation, others change how they react to their feelings of same sex attraction.  The important thing to remember is: No one is born gay.  Christians with same-sex attraction can be chaste, can seek counseling for healing the past, join support groups, and receive prayers and support from the Church.

It is important to note that change does not necessarily mean a development of heterosexual desire, although it is common over time for many to gain that. Rather, healing comes in the form of wholeness when previously unmet emotional needs are fulfilled, and the person experiences freedom from the intense same-sex drives.  This new freedom is what allows the person to live a chaste life in communion with his faith.

Trusted SSA Support Groups

One of the biggest problems with SSAD or same sex attraction disorder is how little the general public understands both about the causes of SSA and the possibility for a different way of life, a way of life faithful to God's word.  So whether or not you have SSA, a loved you know suffers from it, or you have pledged to pray daily for homosexuals, we encourage you to visit these sites and learn more.
Find Support for
Same Sex Attraction
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Living Hope Ministries
People can Change
New Hope Ministry
Parents and Friends of Ex-gays
North Star/ (Evergreen International)
Catholic Therapists
Thomas Schmierer, M.A
CA Residents only please.
Catholic Teaching 
Truth & Love Network
Three Catholic Testimonies

Three testimonies of former homosexuals and their journey back to the Church.
(one hour long)
Pursuit of Truth
Brother's Road
help finding therapy
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