The Sorrowful Heart Society for SSA or same sex attraction is made up of Christians who have pledged to pray daily for those who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction and for all homosexual identified people.

It is our hope to bring souls to Christ through prayer, education, and moral support.  We believe ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE IN CHRIST, and want to help SSA sufferers find freedom in healing, live chaste lives according to God's will, and to connect them with resources and organizations that can help them reach their goals.

The Society is especially founded to unite parents and friends of those with SSA in prayer for each other's children, to support, educate and encourage each other as we work for the day our children will be spiritually and emotionally healed in Christ. 
Sorrowful Heart Society prays for homosexuals and gays with unwanted same-sex attraction, offers information about SSA, and lends support to families and those who suffer.  There are resources, testimonies of ex-gays living chaste lives, information on causes of homosexual orientation, therapies, counseling, prayer groups and more.
Holiness cannot be reached without prayer.  The problem is many individuals suffering same sex attraction disorder or SSAD are unable to pray.  They are lost in a quagmire of misinformation, frustration, pain, guilt and shame.  They desperately need Christian support and prayers.
Perhaps the saddest part about SSAD is not the condition itself but the ignorance surrounding it.  Victims of this disorder are sucked into the false belief that they were born gay, and that their unhappiness stems from the world’s prejudice instead of from their emotionally damaged psyches.  Many feel forced to abandon their Christian faith, rejecting God and His word.  Worst of all they are forsaken by a vast majority of Christians who neglect to reach out to them in prayer.  Please join Sorrowful Hearts by emailing, “Yes I Will Pray” to:
“The answer to homosexuality is not heterosexuality.
It’s holiness!”
Love through Prayer
There's nothing to it.  You email us as a sign of your personal commitment to pray Once a Day for SSA. Just think it takes 15 seconds to say the Saint Michael Prayer or 20 seconds to recite The Lord's Prayer. Think what we can do as Christians united in prayer in the Sorrowful Heart Society.  What a powerful way to lift these souls to Christ.  Once a month we will send you a little note reminding you to pray and sharing the list of souls we are presently supporting.  Isn't that something we can do, something we can all do?  And when we stand before sweet Jesus at our judgment, won't it be wonderful when He thanks us for answering this call to pray for His dear SSA lambs?  That's it.  Nothing to it.  No strings, no gimmicks, no tricks or spam, just Christians joined in prayer.  Go ahead click the words "Yes I will Pray".   You'll be glad you did.  We promise.
To learn about same sex attraction visit SSA Hope for education, support groups resources and information for parents, family and friends of SSA sufferers.
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Let’s distinguish between the eyes of God and the eyes of the church.
To God, all sin separates us from Him. This (acting out homosexual attraction) is sin, but it is no worse than heterosexual promiscuity. But because it is relational in nature, its consequences are often more severe in our personal lives and hearts. Because sin separates us from God, we all need forgiveness and repentance, and it is for that very cause that Christ died.
Most of us find it easy to be repulsed by things which don't tempt us. (For example, how do you feel about eating worms?) Another reason is the unnaturalness of homosexual acts (Rom. 1). It may feel natural to you, but God says that longings for same-sex sexual intimacy are alien to God’s intent.
One reason many in the church react so strongly is that they are unconsciously reacting to gay activists. They assume the radical activists speak for all who experience SSA and they react in anger to them.
In the eyes of the church, unfortunately, this sin has often been viewed like some sins of the past (i.e., divorce) – that people who commit these sins are somehow unredeemable or unforgivable. The church has been wrong in that view, and we now see the beginnings of a wave of repentance on the part of the church and its leaders for the alienation they have caused in the lives of many who struggle with homosexuality.
Excerpt from Living Hope Ministries
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Everyone Needs Prayers and

No One Chooses to be Gay
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